Wood Floor Refinishing

Extra Care Custom Painting Inc. will help you to refinish your wooden floors from installing, sanding to repairing and refinishing. It often happens with the time that the wooden floors start to deteriorate, and cracks begin to emerge, giving a need to revamp the floor altogether. However, with our team of experts on board, we can restore your floors using advanced techniques and in a comparatively short time. No matter, what is the quality of your floor, together with expertise and technology, we always surpass the expectations of the client.

Professional Wood Flooring Services by Expert Team

Refurnishing the wood floors remains an essential factor to increase the longevity and durability of the floors. Daily traffic on the floor brings in rocks, dirt, pebbles, dust, and other particles that penetrate the floor lining, thereby impacting the strength of the floor and reducing its life. Therefore, it’s important to leave the shoes outside and limit the entry of the dust particles altogether.

In addition to this, regularly cleaning the floors is also important, but this also leaves the water particles or detergent to penetrate down, causing slow damage. Therefore, the best practice is to get the floors professionally cleaned occasionally. By doing this, the particles can be removed neatly, and the floor can continue being strong and durable. Our expert team of cleaners can professionally do the cleaning.